The Victress Podcast with Sarah Allred

The Gathering of Allies - Part 4 of The Heroine's Journey

Episode Summary

The Heroine has committed to the Journey ahead! She's walked through The Gate and looks at the incredible mountain ahead! Next...she needs to find an Ally. Deep Dive happening NOW!

Episode Notes

Does social media feel STRESSFUL to you?  Part of your Heroine's Journey  - especially as an entrepreneur is to include Social Media as part of your journey.    I get it.   

You feel Behind.

You can't be consistent, losing opportunities..wasting time.

You fall victim to comparison - you get there to do something - then you feel bad because you experience low engagement - and the likes just aren't cutting it for you...You can get  my FREE - NO STRESS Solution and personal strategy for all things social media at:

Instagram: @sarahgracelive

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