The Victress Podcast with Sarah Allred

[Special Episode] No more Heroine's Journey...

Episode Summary

Why we're no longer tackling The Heroine's Journey... Meet Victress: A Woman who is Victorious. -Tells the truth about herself and her circumstances. -Sets, maintains, Celebrates, and Embraces Boundaries -Sees her Victress Journey as a GIFT to her loved ones - not a hinderance. -Embraces her unique power, her successes, the amazing parts of her life - her beauty and influence - and invites others to DO THE SAME. -She stands firm in being unwilling to sacrifice family, faith, or her relationships to achieve greatness.  Victress: A Woman who Lets God Prevail. Prevail: prove more powerful than opposing forces; be victorious. More episodes to come on The Victress Journey!

Episode Notes

Does social media feel STRESSFUL to you?  Part of your Heroine's Journey  - especially as an entrepreneur is to include Social Media as part of your journey.    I get it.   

You feel Behind.

You can't be consistent, losing opportunities..wasting time.

You fall victim to comparison - you get there to do something - then you feel bad because you experience low engagement - and the likes just aren't cutting it for you...You can get  my FREE - NO STRESS Solution and personal strategy for all things social media at:

Instagram: @sarahgracelive