The Victress Podcast with Sarah Allred

SPECIAL EPISODE: How to PLAY BIG by Working Less, and Making More - Training Invite

Episode Summary

Did you know? By playing BIG in Business, you'll work less. By playing BIG in Business, you'll impact more. By playing BIG in Business, you'll make more money. ------------------- Something you have to know about me. I firmly believe in playing BIG in life, in FAITH, and BUSINESS. Playing BIG scares us sometimes. Is this True? By playing BIG, it takes too much time. By playing BIG, I can’t be flexible for my family. By playing BIG, I’m not helping the people that really need me. ------------ Let's DIVE DEEP into how we know if we're playing BIG vs SMALL

Episode Notes

Learn the EXACT Strategies that have produced my six-figure Clients!

3 Signs that you’re Playing Small:  

#1: You focus on growing a following and not monetization.  

#2: You don’t have flexibility.  When you go on spring break, the business suffers, when you hustle 60 hours a week, the business grows. 

#3: When you sit down to work, you’re unclear on what to focus on.