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When Tony Robbins quoted the D&C, and Nephi Entered the Room

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*Look, as an entrepreneur of over a decade, something has haunted me over the past year.  I have been a dabbler.  A dabbler in my business, and quite possibly in other areas as well -  I was searching for a way in which I could do BIG things in the business world - while also honoring the BIG things I love most, like my family, and my faith.  So, I was on the hunt.  A hunt to find women, who were members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who were HITTING it BIG in business/faith/motherhood and more importantly - weren’t dabbling!  I wanted to model what these kinds of women were doing to make it BIG in all the areas.  I was haunted to see that my list was short.  Too short!  *

*I’m on a mission - to bring you  WOMEN OF THIS KIND.  I’m on a mission to Open our eyes to Women who are SERIOUS about business, and who have learned powerful lessons through both failures and successes.  Dive in to a sweet mix of interviews with women who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who are HITTING it BIG in business, faith, and motherhood - as well as solo episodes with me about the business lessons that are transforming my world day by day.  *

Bonus - expect some some sweet connections between business and Nephi, Esther, and all your other scriptural heroes thrown in the mix.  

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