The Victress Podcast with Sarah Allred

Do you Know What You're REALLY Selling? (It's Not a Product, Service, or Coaching)

Episode Summary

Most people think that the reason that their product isn't selling the way that they wish it would, is because their market is saturated, their following is too small, or is because their product is garbage. I'm here to tell you that those three things are actually rarely the case! So, what is it that makes a product not sell? Listen up to learn the TWO things you need to know to SELL your product, specifically to WOMEN!

Episode Notes

Hey You! I'm Sarah Allred, CEO, Victress Global - Business Coach and Marketing Strategist.

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If you:

✅ Have an “ideal client” who is a woman.

✅ Feel like you’re “not a marketer.”

✅ Have a business and you want it to grow.

✅ Denounce the idea of “hustle till you die.”

✅ Are willing to consider that you can have it all: family, faith, profitability, and Fridays off.

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